Acoustic Enclosure could be a usually accepted as a technical term, that used to outline a closed engineering structure, specifically designed and designed for the aim of reduction, step-down of the noise generated by specific styles of instrumentality or machinery. like giant cooling and refrigeration units, power generators, producing lines, grinders, saw booths, gear boxes, etc. Acoustic enclosures represent a separate style of noise management solutions. In the most general scenario, acoustic enclosures area unit closed chambers, made from acoustic materials that guarantee sound or noise isolation and absorption. Acoustic Enclosure reckoning on a selected application, acoustic enclosures can also perform additional functions, like vibration isolation. Acoustic enclosures is also needed at sites, wherever noise-generating instrumentation is employed. These are often workplace areas, commercial  centers, process and producing facilities, etc. Since noise might have an effect on the condition of human health, these days each form of business must fits bound standards of noise management.

Acoustic Enclosures are the cabinets which are made to enclose sound creating area to reduce the sound pollution. Acoustic Enclosure boxes (cabinets) design may vary in various shapes and sizes depending upon for which device or machine the cabinet has been made. The shape of the boxes can rectangle and many other complex designs. These acoustic Enclosures are made by different variety of material and these materials are very good absorbed of sound energy. The Acoustic Booths are enclosed from all around they absorb all the sound energy with and reduce the sound pollution. In these Acoustic Booths there are several penetration has been done so that air inlet and outlet can be done and there are some fans namely exhaust fans which keep the inner Acoustic booth cool.The acoustic booth gets heated because of the heat produced by the fans inside the booth. The Acoustic treatment of room is done by doing Acoustic Wall Panelling which is a technique in which walls are coated with a material which is superior sound absorbent and reduce the noise pollution. Sound proof canopies act as the acoustic enclosures for various machines like generators etc.

In commercial Building , Residential Societies Sound proof canopies are used for generators so they don’t make noise pollution and people in the commercial building and residential buildings don’t get distracted from the noise been made by the generators. Auditorium Acoustics design is a major problem there are many things which have to be kept in mind for designing acoustics for auditoriums and auditoriums can be any room like classrooms , halls , seminar hall, cinema halls etc.

The things which have to be kept in mind before designing acoustics for a auditorium are :-

1.  The noise level should be kept low from external sources as well as from internal sources.

2.  The sound quality in the auditorium should be maintained at very good level.

3.  The sound should not echo in the room so that all sorts of measures should be taken properly.

4.  Everything should be planned properly like sitting arrangements, shape of the auditorium, dimensions and shapes.

The Auditorium design should be just like Noise testing Booths no external Interference can affect the internal environment. In Auditoriums the speakers should be centrally located so that the sound quality is good enough for all the audience.  Mainly GI cable tray and Reformatted cable tray is used in the acoustic enclosure.