DNV Industrial systems Pvt Ltd is one of the giant player in the field of industrial noise control and are one of the leading companies  in commercial acoustic solutions provider, with over more than a decade  of experience in this segment . We have over 1100 installations in a variety of industries which include Steel, Car Industry, Power trade ,all kinds of  Engineering, Fertilizers and Chemical industries, Commercial Auditoriums Materials , Recording studios, Conference Rooms and Convention center.

Acoustic enclosure could be a usually accepted as a technical term, that used to outline a closed engineering structure, specifically designed and designed for the aim of reduction, step-down of the noise generated by specific styles of instrumentality or machinery. like giant cooling and refrigeration units, power generators, producing lines, grinders, saw booths, gear boxes, etc. Acoustic enclosures represent a separate style of noise management solutions. In the most general scenario, acoustic enclosures area unit closed chambers, made from acoustic materials that guarantee sound or noise isolation and absorption. Acoustic Enclosure reckoning on a selected application, acoustic enclosures can also perform additional functions, like vibration isolation. Acoustic enclosures is also needed at sites, wherever noise-generating instrumentation is employed. These are often workplace areas, commercial  centers, process and producing facilities, etc. Since noise might have an effect on the condition of human health, these days each form of business must fits bound standards of noise management.

Acoustic analysis of noise problems relating to industrial Plants, Auditoriums, Sound studios, convention center and  commercial buildings. This experience and software enable us to provide practical and optimized solutions. In house instrumentation and research and development with the availability of latest technology has able to solve the multiple problems and has played a vital role in this industry.

DNV industry have so far from the past decade have provided excellent services and is one of the leading industry in this trade. DNV industry have been one of the emerging players and known for their quality work and their positive attitude towards their customers.The company have built a team of professional management with hands on industry experience in all the functions of the company operation such as design ,manufacturing, installation and client services. We are ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14000:2008 certified organization situated in Noida, India. Our factory is equipped with most modern state of art manufacturing machines including CNC Machines.